About the Dry Mouth Society in Japan

The Dry Mouth Society in Japan is engaged in research activities to elucidate the etiology and find treatment methods for the ever-increasing number of patients of this common disease. In order to promote better understanding of this disease, we are also proactively carrying out activities towards those involved in dental medicine.

Activity objectives of the Dry Mouth Society:
1. Establishment of a clinical system to treat dry mouth patients
2. Investigation of the cause of dry mouth
3. Propagation of dry mouth diagnostic systems
4. Introduction of dry mouth treatment methods
5. Explaining insurance claim method for examination and diagnosis of dry mouth
6. Training and networking of Dry Mouth Society certified dentists
 (1) Education for patients
 (2) Collaboration with other medical institutions
 (3) Home page creation
7. Reporting of clinical data at scientific meetings and to specialized journals

Ichiro Saito, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Dry Mouth Society in Japan

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