Dry Mouth Patient Society in Japan

“My mouth is dry.....”
Are you suffering from such a symptom lately?
That is a symptom of dry mouth (xerostomia).

 Frequent symptoms
・ Dry mouth
・ No saliva
・ Difficulty in speaking
・ Burning sensation of the tongue
・ Difficulty in swallowing
・ Impaired taste
・ Constantly drinking water
・ Concerned about bad breath
・ Waking up thirsty during the night
・ Worsening of tooth decay or periodontal disease
・ Side effects from medications
・ Diabetes
・ Connective tissue disease (Sjogren's syndrome)
・ Aging
・ Stress
If you should experience the above symptoms, please get tested by a
specialist dentist or an oral surgeon.
 Basic precautions
・ Lead a well-regulated life and use good dental hygiene
・ Get sufficient rest and sleep
・ Eat well-balanced meals without likes and dislikes
・ Get adequate exercise, bathe and walk regularly
・ Avoid stress
・ Change pace (listen to music, read, converse with people)
・ Try not to rely on medication
Dry mouth interferes with normal daily life.
Only the affected person can understand what this feels like.
There are many people suffering from this.
We made this Society in the hope of giving some relief to this agony.
Are you worried all alone?
・ You are not the only one suffering from this disease as there are many people who have the same worries.
・ It is important to learn to live with this disease, improve the quality of your life and try to do as much as you can.
・ Although no immediate cure for these symptoms has yet been found, it is possible to relieve and suppress individual symptoms.
・ Medicine is progressing at a rapid pace and active research for treatment is    underway, therefore effective treatment procedure is likely to be developed in the near future.
Dry Mouth Patient Society in Japan
No initiation or yearly fees.
Upon registering with Dry Mouth Patient Society in Japan the following will be sent to you:
・ Report magazines and newsletters
・ Seminar information
・ Patient interaction information
(Please note that only residents of Japan can apply and that the information and meetings will be in Japanese.)

Let's make this a heartwarming exchange place where people who have the same worries can come together and gain support through mutual understanding and encouragement.

Please send your application form to the Secretariat listed below.
The application form can be downloaded and printed out.

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