Drymouse Q&A

Q 41:If my mouth is dry will my eyes also dry eventually?
A 41:Dry mouth does not mean that your eyes will dry too. However in diseases such as Sjogren's syndrome, the mouth and eyes dry at the same time therefore it is important to find the cause of your dry mouth.

Q 42:Will drinking water relieve my thirst?
A 42:Dry mouth is different according to moisture loss and mucous loss. Water can replenish moisture loss but with mucous loss, the dry feeling will soon return. Dry mouth with no mucous loss can be eased with water.

Q 43:Is there a relation between age and dry mouth?
A 43:It is said that with aging, the function of the salivary gland decreases and so dry mouth also increases. However dry mouth can also occur due to Sjogren's syndrome and other diseases, therefore it is necessary to find the cause.

Q 44:How does herbal medicine work?
A 44:It is said that by improving whole body condition, water balance is improved and mucous gradually increases however the mechanism details are still not clear.

Q 45:Does waking up in the night have anything to do with dry mouth?
A 45:Dry mouth patients often wake up thirsty in the night. They often have glasses of water or tea by their bedside so it is recommended to have the cause checked.

Q 46:Does simultaneous dry mouth and dry eye occur often?
A 46:Sjogren's syndrome is a disease where the mouth and eyes become dry at the same time. This can also occur when a person becomes nervous or for other reasons so a physical examination is recommended.

Q 47:If a person is thin will the mouth become dry? 
A 47:Being thin and dry mouth are not related.

Q 48:I sweat a lot. Why do I get thirsty?
A 48:When you sweat, moisture is lost from the body and this can result in a lack of fluid for saliva. There may be a change in the balance of cellular content and so a medical examination is recommended.

Q 49:What kind of candy is effective for dry mouth?
A 49:Sugarless candy is said to be good for dry mouth from a tooth decay perspective. Also sour candy can stimulate the flow of saliva. Sugarless xylitol type is recommended.

Q 50:Can the throat and mouth become dry at the same time?
A 50:When saliva decreases, along with the mouth becoming dry the throat can become dry too. Also people who are in the habit of breathing through their mouth can have dry mouth and dry throat. A medical examination is recommended.

Q 51:Can the throat and nose become dry at the same time?
A 51:When saliva decreases, along with the mouth becoming dry, the throat and nose can become dry too. There are also various other possible causes so a medical examination is recommended.

Q 52:Can dry mouth be found through blood tests?
A 52:Dry mouth cannot be found through blood tests but dry mouth diseases such as Sjogren's syndrome can be found. This test is done on patients with dry mouth and dry eye.

Q 53:What is an autoimmune disease?
A 53:This disease, as typified by rheumatism, causes constant inflammation without any outside stimulus. This occurs because a person's immune cells mistakenly attack its own tissues.

Q 54:Does having connective tissue disease and rheumatism make you thirsty?
A 54:As with rheumatism, one third of connective tissues disease patients also suffer from Sjogren's syndrome. Therefore the thirst is not from connective tissue disease such as rheumatism but from the coexisting illness, Sjogren's syndrome.

Q 55:Is there a relation between dry skin and dry mouth?
A 55:There are many causes of dry skin such as aging and atopic dermatitis. In Sjogren's syndrome, the skin, mouth and eyes become dry therefore it is necessary to have a medical examination to determine the cause.

Q 56:My fingertips become cold. Is this related to dry mouth?
A 56:Cold fingertips is a symptom often seen in Sjogren's syndrome. In this disease the mouth and eyes become dry, therefore a medical examination is necessary.

Q 57:What kind of medicine is Felviten?
A 57:Felviten improves function of the liver and gall bladder and also increases saliva.

Q 58:What kind of medicine is Bakumondoto?
A 58:This is a herbal medicine used for coughs, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, etc. It can also increase saliva and so is sometimes used for this. Saliva does not suddenly increase but dry conditions gradually improve.

Q 59:What kind of medicine is Byakkokaninjinto?
A 59:This is a herbal medicine used for dryness of the throat. Saliva does not increase suddenly but dry conditions gradually improve.

Q 60:How does a lip biopsy show sicca syndrome?
A 60:Sjogren's syndrome is a disease where a person's own immune cells attack salivary gland tissue causing a decrease in saliva and therefore dryness. By taking cells from the mouth and examining them, it can be clearly seen if the immune cells are attacking or not.